Body Building Techniques Re-thought

Body Building Techniques Re-thought

If you are familiar with traditional body building techniques you already know that the typical workout regimen trains one body part per session. For example day one’s session may train legs, day 2 chest, back training another day and so on. Sessions may last an hour or more employing multiple sets of several exercises. Using this regimen your whole body would be trained over 4-5 days. With a day of rest each body part would have a full week to recover for the next training session and you would probably feel like you needed it.

A new body of evidence is strongly suggesting that this type of body building technique is less effective than previously thought. The University of Alabama conducted a study showing that 3 workouts per week is more effective at creating muscle mass than 1 workout per week. Strength gains were also more impressive, on average 40% greater.

In another study this one at Montclair State University researchers found that using one set per exercise was just as effective as multiple sets. The subjects used were previously trained making the findings even more compelling.

The implications on how we train are huge and validates something I have suspected for many years. It means that it is likely more effective to train using a whole body regimen of 1-2 sets per exercise 3 sessions per week than more popular advanced routines.

Of course, always be sure to warm up properly. After your warm up try using this information with basic multi-joint exercises in a routine of your own. Cheers to the improvements in your strength and muscle gains that should soon follow.